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David Rully Biography

            From an early age I discovered my love of woodworking, making such things as benches, and a desk among other things I have also made the MOONLIGHT SHENANIGANS spoon cart we use at Renaissance Faires; the spoon arches that hold and display over 50 utensils that we use at craft fairs;  and  the 16th century carving vise I currently utilize and demonstrate from.   Self taught,  I pride myself on innovative and ergonomic design that are personal to the user.   One of the more satisfying aspects of my work is designing specialty spoons for those who need something to fit their hand, either for personal satisfaction or due to a physical challenge.  I also specialize in heirloom reproductions, such as Grandma’s spoon that you’re afraid to use since it’s so old.  All queries and special projects are welcomed for discussion.  Thank you for visiting this site.