June 7th, 2014 by tillion


Home of David Rully – The Spoonmaker

               What used to be a hobby has now become a full time business, one that still require 40 hours a week.  Actually, it’s more like 60 – 80 hours per week.  Sawdust everywhere!

              Like most of us, each spoon starts out as a rough, unformed piece of organic matter with great potential.  It’s only through careful handling, shaping, and finishing that the true transformation comes about.   

              Practical art in the best way, these spoons are made to be used even though there are those customers who say they are going to hang them on the wall.  These utensils are heirloom quality hardwood and their life is easily extended with a little thoughtful, loving care, such as oiling them with a good cooking oil every now and then. (We use olive)  Also, they hate dishwashers. (The mechanical kind, that is.)  They are wood, and will stain if left in that spaghetti sauce for an hour. But, under normal wear they should last for years.  And no, we don’t sell spanking spoons, although we sure get a lot of comments regarding “When I was a kid…”

           Thank you for your support.  We hope to see you at one of the Art & Wine Craft  shows  where we sell  February through December.  



      SHOW SCHEDULE   2018

   March            24/25               Belmont, Ca.            

   April               13-15                West Portal, San Francisco            

   May                  5/6                   Mountain View            

   May                  27/28              San Ramon Art & Wind Festival 

   June             22/23/24           Montclair Village Fine Arts Festival, Oakland   

   July                 14/15                 Los Altos 

   July              28/29                  Alameda   

   August 31 – Sept 2                 Homewood

   September   15/16                 Santa Clara

  September    28-30               Celtic Festival, Grass Valley

  October         13/14                 Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival

   Nov.             23 -25                 Christmas Show Grass Valley

 December     22-23                 KPFA Christmas Show,  at the Craneway, Richmond Marina